Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Extraordinary times.

First there was Walter.
Then Yesterday when i was driving the long tree lined path out of here there was a different Woodpigeon (Kereru) having a conversation with a young rabbit. they were only feet away from one another. i didn't mean to interrupt but engines are loud and wild animals timid. Today my Paka gave me a tiny baby rabbit. Break my heart. First he accidentally cut the baby's stomach. he couldn't help it. baby rabbits are very soft and he has big teeth. i saw him carry it and he was trying to be gentle. i could see him trying. i'm leaving in twelve days. what is there to do?
it's all because i drew this horrible picture.
i won't draw things like this anymore.


  1. Are you packing yourself? In the physical, not metaphysical sense.... Have you sussed out www.eurostar.com yet? Love Auntie L xxx

  2. not yet...
    and also,
    not yet...
    terrible, i know.